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FACT: Fostering Women's Growth, Fuels Company Revenue.

AWOMANUP is a woman owned company with a strong commitment to fostering inclusive success. Our mission involves elevating women and improving workplaces through specialized training. Our approach involves driving growth by amplifying voices and facilitating valuable returns on investments in HR.

Our Why

“Equity operates as a strategic money-making approach, independent of government mandates.” – Traci, AWOMANUP Founder & CEO  

In today’s, yesterday’s, and even tomorrow’s world, gender and financial imbalances persist as stark realities. Despite women putting in equal or more significant efforts across professions and as entrepreneurs, they still contend with substantially lower earnings compared to men.

Being run by a successful businesswoman who built her career starting and revamping staffing offices and building successful sales teams, we grasp the numbers’ undeniable charm for stakeholders. To reinforce the case for equity, feast your eyes upon some compelling data…

Companies with gender-diverse executive teams have a 21% higher likelihood of outperforming their competitors. (Source: McKinsey & Company)

Organizations with a higher representation of women on their boards experience a 66% increase in return on invested capital. (Source: MSCI)

Gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their industry averages. (Source: Boston Consulting Group)

Companies with women in leadership positions achieve a 34% higher return to shareholders. (Source: Peterson Institute for International Economics)

Teams with a balanced gender mix make better decisions, outperforming all-male teams by 73%. (Source: Peterson Institute for International Economics)

Gender-diverse companies foster creativity and innovation, leading to a 20% increase in innovation-related revenue. (Source: Boston Consulting Group)

Women's inclusion in leadership roles enhances employee satisfaction, resulting in a 22% higher retention rate. (Source: Harvard Business Review)

Companies with solid gender diversity have a 48% decrease in safety incidents and a more favorable safety culture. (Source: American Society of Safety Professionals)

Problem-Solving Effectiveness: Diverse teams, including black women, solve complex problems more effectively, leading to better decision-making outcomes.

Stages & Partners

Create a more successful workplace by engaging women employees and promoting gender diversity.

Our Differentiators:

Our Founder

Traci Hill is the driving force behind AWOMANUP’s mission to amplify voices and empower women in male-centric workplaces. A TEDx motivational speaker, bestselling collaborative author, and a sought-after and impactful corporate trainer with over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Traci is leading AWOMANUP to instill diversity, equity, and inclusion as core operational principles. Through workshops, courses, and supplementary resources like customized coaching, workbooks, and more, we offer information to elevate training into actionable tasks that can be immediately applied to enhance day-to-day operations.

Our Formula

AWOMANUP training goes beyond elevating individual performance in interviews, annual reviews, and stockholder presentations. We’ve engineered a distinct method that not only evens the field but also enhances retention and boosts managers’ visibility into internal talent. This strategic approach avoids overhiring, skill redundancy, and escalating recruiting costs, offering your internal employees a robust chance to showcase their skills and experiences.

Our Movement

AWOMANUP #AmplifyHER Movement is dedicated to establishing a platform where women can openly share their opinions, articulate their ideas, and confront the obstacles encountered in both personal and professional realms. This movement acknowledges the individuality of each woman’s narrative and the inherent significance of every viewpoint. Through a commitment to diversity, we cultivate an all-encompassing dialogue that drives substantial transformation. Whether behind bars or desks, women possess compelling stories that aid in their healing and resonate with listeners. So we always want to know what she is AWOMANUP to. 

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