My Story and My Mission

From navigating the corridors of powerhouses like Coca-Cola, Meta, Capital One, and Bank of America, I’ve gleaned insights into the inner workings of corporate dynamics. This valuable experience has empowered me to offer invaluable guidance to professionals and hiring managers, spanning from renowned companies to educational institutions such as Howard University, The Catholic University, and American University.

After dedicating over 20 years to the cause of equality and diversity, I established AWOMANUP. Our mission is crystal clear: Empowering women to amplify their voices, shatter glass ceilings, and confidently stride through the business world with purpose.

A Holistic Approach to Equity

My conviction runs deep: Equity is more than a mere concept—it’s about fostering a culture that embraces and nurtures the unique potential within each individual. At AWOMANUP, we’re resolute in delivering comprehensive solutions that foster diversity and inclusion across all tiers of an organization. Our programs empower both professionals and students to assess and articulate their true worth, harness their unique strengths, and drive positive transformation across all aspects of their lives.

Leading the Charge for Sustainable Change

The realm of leadership and professional growth is undergoing a seismic transformation. Research underscores the undeniable link between diversity and business success. By cultivating environments where women’s voices are not just heard but embraced, valued, and interwoven, we’re crafting workplaces that aren’t just diverse, but innovative and poised for sustainable growth. Moreover, we’re equipping the next generation of students with the tools they need to enter the workforce with heightened awareness and applicable capabilities.

Join the Movement

At AWOMANUP, we’re not content with merely advocating for change; we’re proactively shaping it through our impactful #AmplifyHER campaign. We’re forging partnerships with local governments and organizations dedicated to leveling up the underrepresented. Our commitment extends beyond corporate confines—we’re birthing a movement. A movement that empowers women, dismantles barriers, and establishes new benchmarks for understanding and utilizing their worth. The journey has been incredible so far, and I’m eagerly anticipating more collaborations ahead.

So here’s to empowerment, equity, and a future where women’s voices aren’t just acknowledged but enthusiastically celebrated and equally rewarded.

From the heart,

Traci Hill


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